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Conformance to BS EN ISO 7010. 9/9/2013


The Health and Safety Sign Association offer the following advice regarding conformance to BS EN ISO 7010 and compliance to the Health and Safety (Signs and Signals) Regulations.

The new changes required to conform to BS EN ISO 7010 have been adopted specifically to ensure improved intuitive comprehension of the safety message.

The legislation requires that a formal risk assessment be carried out and this will determine the need for safety signs to locate and identify lifesaving equipment, escape routes and first aid equipment.

The Health and Safety Sign Association recommend that an audit and review should be carried out to determine the residual risk associated with using a safety sign of poor non-conforming design. It is a recommendation that a plan is drawn up for their replacement. This plan will prioritise the replacement of those signs that are poorly designed and that comprehension credential have not been proven under BS ISO 9186.

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Free learning modules for school teachers. 9/9/2013


The members of the Health and Safety Sign Association have funded the development of free learning modules for school teachers to use for all key stage pupil development.

The key stage learning modules start for younger pupils, covering colours and shapes for the safety message, making this an enjoyable lesson, as well as the serious message of identifying hazards in the public environment.

Then for older students, the serious subject of identifying graphical symbols to the new BS EN ISO 7010, to prepare them for the workplace.

The FREE downloadable modules are on the HSSA website - HSSA education free resource.

The members of the HSSA are committed to the ideals of corporate social responsibility and are all contributing to the development of good safety communication for collective protection.
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ISO 23601 2009..Outlining your escape plan correctly. 27/6/2011


ISO 23601:2009 establishes design principles for displayed escape plans that contain information relevant to fire safety, escape, evacuation and rescue of the facility's occupants. These plans may also be used by intervention forces in case of emergency.

These plans are intended to be displayed as signs in public areas and workplaces.

ISO 23601:2009 is not intended to cover the plans to be used by external safety services nor detailed professional technical drawings for use by specialists.



Safety sign approval. 17/3/2011


The HSSA has started the process of safety sign approval for graphical symbols that are currently available, familiar and have passed the association judgment testing. The first 3 safety signs (Push, Pull and No unauthorised access) have been approved for use by members.



The adoption of ISO 7010. 10/3/2011


The HSSA has written to all leading Health and Safety trade association chairman to inform them of the impending changes required to conform to ISO 7010. The adoption of ISO 7010 as the new European norm will require all member states to ensure that their domestic standards are harmonised.



A New Direction for Safety Signage. 24/5/2010


EU to adopt ISO 7010. Click on LIT468.pdf to find out more about this new, exciting news and to see how it impacts all of us.

This year will see the adoption of a new standard for safety signs as ISO 7010 is soon to become ISO EN 7010. Changes are already happening with the introduction of new safety signs, all complying to the new standard.

Attached File: LIT468.pdf



Sponsorhip for ISO TC145 Plenary Meeting. 20/3/2009


The HSSA announce the sponsorhip of the forthcoming ISO TC145 Plenary Meeting to be held in London later this year. Convenor, Mr. Barry Gray has expressed his gratitude for this generous gesture.



Response from teachers. 20/3/2009


The HSSA Education site has been visited by a number of schools and the feedback has all been positive. Response from teachers has included the following expressions...Fun!, Interactive!...Learning Tool!



Concerns over using graphical symbols that are not understood. 18/12/2008


The Health and Safety Sign Association has decided to endorse the new PR EN ISO 7010 that will finally harmonise graphical symbols for all safety application. The executive committee have asked the delegates on ISO TC 145, PH8 ISO and BSI technical committee to assist the transition as quickly as possible after the European Norm adoption.

The Health and Safety Sign Association have had consistent concern over using graphical symbols that are not understood, the final standardisation of graphical symbols with proven comprehension credentials will make public places and the workplace safer environments.

The Health and Safety Sign Association members are currently working on guidance to the new International and Domestic Standards. If you require further information, please feel free to contact any member or send the secretary your details.



Going Green!



In an initiative to reduce our industry's waste the Health and Safety Signs Association, whose members make up a significant proportion of the sign makers in the UK have implemented a strategy to minimise the landfill waste we produce. In addition to this important step, we have also introduced a waste reduction strategy to deal with all aspects of our various production and packaging materials. The HSSA believe that this step will significantly reduce our impact on the environment.



Pr EN 7010 18/11/2008


The Health and Safety Sign Association is to discuss the full implication of Pr EN 7010 which
will change the design of safety signs.