About The HSSA

To educate and promote the importance of legislative signage to help improve health and safety for everyone.

Our Vision

The Heath & Safety Sign Association was formed with the purpose of educating the nation on signage legislation, in order to improve health and safety for everyone. With members from some of the largest signage companies in the country, the HSSA keep up to date with any legislative changes that may happen within the UK.

Not only do the HSSA aim to keep you clued up on the legislative side of signage, they also ensure that all of their own signage conforms to the required standards. This means you can rest assured, knowing your signage will be compliant.

Stuart Turner

Director and Chairman


Alan Stewart

Director and Secretary

Caledonia Signs

Danny Adamson Vice Chairman of HSSA

Danny Adamson

Vice Chairman


Nicholas Creak

BSI Representitive

Means of Escape

Registered Company No. 08813148

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