Water Safety

British Standard BS ISO 20712-1:2008

(Water safety signs and beach safety flags – Part 1: Specifications for water safety signs used in workplaces and public areas) prescribes water safety signs intended for use in connection with the aquatic environment. It is intended for use by owners and operators of aquatic environments and by manufacturers of signs and equipment.

However, it is not applicable to signalling used for maritime traffic. The shape and colour required to be used for safety signs, as prescribed by ISO 3864-1, are given together with the graphical symbols contained within each sign. The water safety sign originals meet the design criteria of ISO 3864-3.

ISO 20712 specifies the water safety sign originals that may be scaled for reproduction and application purposes. ISO 20712 includes water safety signs which require that supplementary text signs be used in conjunction with these water safety signs to improve comprehension.

If you are in need of some water safety signage, or would just like to discuss this further with one of our signage experts, please feel free to select one of our members websites.

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